Portuguese Passport - Step 1

on Friday, April 10, 2009

The Complete step by step guide to Obtain Portuguese Nationality and than Portuguese Passport for Goans

The entire process from registration of Birth of the person is born before 19th December 1961 until obtaining of the Portuguese Passport takes approx. 5 - 7 months (Max 9 months).

Documents required for persons born in Antigo Estado Da India or Before 19th December 1961. It is very important that all the data on each of the document are in sync with each other. Eg: The names should be in the same order in all the below mentioned documents. If there is a change please click HERE.

Indian Passport
The indian passport can be obtained from the nearest Indian passport office. All the inforormation to obtain an Indian Passport in Goa is available HERE. The official site of the Passport Office Goa can be found HERE.

Police Clearance Certificate
You have to apply for Police Clearance Certificate to The Supritendent of Police - CID. The application format can be found HERE. I suggest to take the applicant while submitting the application the applicant has to sign another application upon payment of the Fees. (At present Rs. 100/-). The whole process takes roughly 10 working days and if you have the blessings of the concered Police Officer than it can be done in 15mins also.

Birth Certificate of the Applicant
The birth of the applicant has to be in "TEOR" form. "TEOR" refers to photocopy of the original birth certificate record in simple terms its the Xerox (god alone knows who started saying Xerox instead of photocopy) of the page of the book which is stored at the sub - register. Recently many such "TEORS" have gone missing thanks to the laziness of the sub - registers who has no interest to maintain the records from the portuguese era. If you cannot find the "TEOR" please click HERE.

Residential Certificate
The applicant has to apply for his/her resident certificate either with the local Panchyat or the Mamladar. The residential certificate should have a picture of the applicant and should state the complete residential address together with the confirmation of residence from the period 1.1.1974 - 31.12.1975. The translated draft in portuguese of the residential certificate is available HERE. Please print the draft and submit it with the application. The draft of the application to apply for the residential certificate is available HERE.

Additional Proof Of Residence from 1.1.1974 - 31.12.1975
Consovatoria dos Registos Centrais require an additional proof stating that the applicant was continously residing in Goa from 1.1.1974 to 31.12.1975. A certificate from church,school or employment can be produced for the same. The easiest one is from the church, the parish priest are well aware of this certificate has have their own draft in portuguese for the same. The draft for this certificate can be found HERE.

Original Document
The Consovatoria dos Registos Centrais is requesting any original document which was issued by the Portuguese Government offices. This requirement was introduced to filter fake and bogus applicantion. This document is a must to submit any new applications. If you do not have any Original Documents don't get disheartned the application can be submited and the birth registered. Click HERE if you don't have the Original Document.


Anonymous said...

do we need to visit portugal to get the passport

goanews said...

You can get the passport from your nearest Portuguese Consualte or from Portugal

Anonymous said...

I have my fathers portuguese Passport & B.I and am born in 20 may 1962 and have birth registered certificate in Goa.Can I apply for Portuguese Passport? how can I register my marriage certificate(pakistani husband).which is the quickest way to obtain the Passort regardless of Cost.

goanews said...

Send an e-mail to goanewz@gmail.com for more information

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