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on Thursday, May 28, 2009

The transcription of birth of a person born before 19 Dec 1961 takes a maximum of 1yr. I have received many enquires via e-mail about process which are more than a year old. The applicants are helpless, as they have no clue about the procedure to find out the information about their process. Each time they visit the agent who had helped them he/she plays the same story " next moinea Portugula sun letter ieatoli" (next month you will receive a letter from Portugal) to make it sound professional he included his advocates name in this reply. Six months later, the applicant still has not received any letter from Portugal.

The correspondence is delivered to the advocate who had submitted the process in Lisbon – Portugal; therefore as told by the agent in Goa, I am not sure whose letter will come to the applicant as the correspondence is forwarded to the advocate.

This is just the beginning, ask for the advocates name and telephone number and IF supplied by the agent make the call to him/her in Portugal some of you might be surprised the so called your appointed advocate does not even recognize you by your name and all the information. The local agents just informed you that the advocate in Portugal informed him that you will receive a letter shortly.

Many agents in Goa pay the advocates just to submit the papers once the papers are submitted and the CRC number is obtained the advocates job is over. All the correspondence from the Conservatoria is received by the advocate, and then forwarded to the garbage bin.

The worst part is, updates of your process can only be obtained by the advocate appointed by the agent for you since he has the Power of Attorney on your behalf. There are also some highly influential advocates use their charm to get information without the Power of Attorney, but the information is only verbal nothing in writing.

The Conservatoria takes 7 days to reply to your letter requesting update on the process, it's time for all the applicant whose cases are pending for more than 6 months to ask their agents to provide the written reply from the Conservatoria which will help you to get the true facts/updates on your case.

I would really appreciate if the viewers of this blog question their agents and write the reply in the comment section. Many Goans will be spared by reading your helpful comments.

If you wish to find out about your process click HERE


Anonymous said...

interesting stuff...

milton said...

This my very big thank to you for rendering all the assistance I need to get my father application for submissions to the consevatoria in Portugal,.
To all the people of goan take my small advice
I was trying t o get my father’s application for Portuguese passport, so I was told a agent in margao, to my knowledge it was was Adv. Jacinto gomeindes( jet international. borda), I approached him with my father’s case, after looking a t the document he said it can done in a year’s time, as we had some originals Portuguese important documents, and asked me 50000 rs, knowing that I have residence in uk, as money was not a constrain for me I promptly gave him the requested amount next day, so the process started. He did all my papers, like power of attorney, and the rest my family, like attestation from under secretary of home, collector, notary ect, till filling up the process it was fine and prompt, my papers was sent to Portugal through the appointed attorney he selected for us I did received a letter, and we were told that our process will be completed in 6 months time, the letter we received was in Portuguese I showed to adv Jacinto,( my agent) he told me that it’s the process number. I waited for more than one and half years, only to know that in the letter the conservatoria have asked us an original document and my process is pending. Even i spoke to the attorney he selected for us, and i was told that they (jet and attorney) are not in good terms. So i was going through websites giving best information about the process and found this was the best one, so i tried to contact the creator for help, which i soon received in no time, it was this selfless goan of the website owner, with my reference no through his attorney told me the worst joke of my life that my process is pending and that is not what i was told my agent ( jet international), so i was basically fooled and cheated for 50000 thousand rupees, since i was in uk, i could not do much, from here. it was this goan who rendered his free kind social service to help me to get that whole case done, he help my father and my family to get changed the attorney till the submission of papers in Portugal again, all this for free, (excluding the fees the attorney charged) he did this without even knowing me and not propogating his name. Today am in a state that 80% of my process is done in just a months’ time
Best regards

Estro said...

I hope you will succeed in your mission (to obtain portuguese passport) shortly.

I have a different opinion about JET INTL (Adv. Jacinto gomeindes). When my father started out his process thru another lawyer, it took us 3 years without any response. Later we changed it to Adv. Jacinto gomeindes who successfully processed my fathers documents (bilate) within a years time.
Me and my brothers started our process with him about a year ago (june 2008) and we have received our passport last week.

I am still venturing out on the web to see possibilities for my wife passport, which Adv. Jacinto gomeindes commented cannot be done.

So good luck to you mate


goanews said...

Dear Estro,
If you can e-mail me the details of your wife maybe I can help you process her Nationality if she is entiled for one.

Anonymous said...


Mr Estro and Milton, the so called advocate Jacinto Gomendes is not a Portuguese lawyer with knowledge of legislations or decrees in force till date.He only acts as a agent to collect documents and send them irrespective of administrative errors.Similarly most agents even in Portugal know a particular format of submitting applications in Registo Civil or Registos Centrais.Besides that they are totally ignorant of legislations applicable. As far as attribution to nationality for a wife married to a portuguese; it is possible only if the marriage was celebrated before 3rd of October 1981.One can acquire husbands nationality irrespective of where the wife originates from.
I can bet if this Jacinto has any clue of what I am writing of.

goanews said...

I think the spouse can ONLY get Portuguese Citizenship by her marraige to a Portuguese National. If the marriage is 3yrs old. For more info send e-mail to goanewz@gmail.com

milton said...

Just wanna say a big thanks for goanewz for the support and help for getting my parents birth and marriage registration complete.
Thanks you very much

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